Gutter Repair or Replacement: DIY or Call a Pro?

The arrival of fall weather means one thing: gutter season.

And as you clean your gutters you may noticeareas with gaps or sags, or maybe areas in which the gutter has pulled away from your home.

Of course, you can try the DIY gutter repair approach. The challenge is that a repair involves more than simply replacing a bad length of gutter. For example, you may need to consider the pitch of the gutter so you can install the new section properly. Tools are critical too. For instance, you may need to borrow or rent a larger ladder to reach the roof.

In addition, with a DIY gutter repair, it’s likely you’ll be buying gutter from a hardware or home store. Those lengths will be pre-cut, and unless you have the tools at home to make any necessary adjustments, it can be hard to get that tight, gap-free fit that prevents future leaks.

In most cases, it saves you time and money to work with a professional. A qualified, trusted gutter replacement pro will often complete the repair or replacement more quickly than a DIY-er, allowing you to enjoy your free time.

Gutter installation professionals also have the tools to cut precise gutter lengths and corners onsite, ensuring a better fit that keeps water flowing drip-free for years to come. Seamless gutters are another option that a good contractor can custom fit to your home to prevent leaks that can deteriorate your foundation.

Of course, a gutter installation pro will also offer convenient maintenance-free options, like GutterFilterⓇ, which stop debris from accumulating and eliminate the need to clear them every spring and fall.

Plus, if you’re considering a total replacement, you’ll also want to think about adding curb appeal. A professional installer will have many color and material options for you to choose from so you can freshen up the home’s appearance.

How to Find a Reputable Gutter Installation Contractor

  1. Read online reviews and/or get personal recommendations. Sites like Facebook, Yelp, and Angie’s List can be a good foundation for finding a reputable contractor. Look for recent reviews (preferably within the last 3-6 months) that suggest the gutter installer performs quality work on time. Ask family, friends, and neighbors for recommendations, too.
  2. Meet the contractor face-to-face. Set up an appointment for the contractor to inspect your gutters and provide an estimate as well as a timeline. They should be able to answer all your questions competently and in a way that’s respectful toward you. Get the estimate in writing.
  3. Don’t default to the lowest bid. Pricing is an issue for all homeowners–no one wants to spend more money than they need to! But be wary of lowball bids, which can indicate a contractor using low-quality materials or poorly skilled labor. You’ll get much more bang for your buck if you choose a gutter contractor who provides good materials, proper installation, and excellent client communication.

For gutter repairs and replacements or for zero-maintenance GutterFilterⓇ for homes in areas like Lancaster, Reading, Coatesville, and West Chester, contact Best Contracting. We’ll take care of the issue so you don’t have to waste another beautiful fall afternoon doing DIY gutter repair.

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