Get Leaf Relief This Fall With Gutter Guards

Fall leaves look great on the trees but once they get too dry they begin floating downwards towards the ground. A portion of these floating leaves end up in the gutters of your home. This causes a dilemma, because those leaves are going to keep piling on until they completely clog up that gutter. Now, it’s a fact that cleaning out gutters is a task that no one wants to do, especially homeowners.

Gutter cleaning is tedious and requires physical labor. First you have to climb up a ladder and adjust yourself at an awkward angle. Then you have to be sure to reach all of those dead leaves and pull them out before hauling them to the trash. It’s enough to make you want to call in a roofing team to do this task.

Gutter Guard Solution

Ignoring those clogged gutters is not an option. The risk of long-term damage to the roof, fascia, basement and foundation are simply too great. That is why Best Contracting, one of the top roofers Montgomery County PA has to offer, highly recommend homeowners install gutter guards as the perfect solution.

Why Use Gutter Guards?

Keep Out Leaves and Debris

Gutter guards are designed to fill up the excess space inside the gutter. Leaves, seeds, twigs and debris cannot get inside and cause a mess. Best of all when you have a roofing expert install the system, it is virtually maintenance free.

No Standing Water

Standing water caused by clogged gutters is responsible for thousands of dollars in home repair costs each year. Water leaks into the home through the roof and basement, which warps wood and ruins walls, floors and even furniture. Protecting the gutters eliminates this risk.

No Frozen Gutters

During the winter water filled gutters turn to solid ice. Heavy ice bends the gutters out of shape. Keep your gutters in mint condition.

Prevent Insect Infestations

Bugs love dark, damp places and gutters attract all sorts of pesky insects that breed in great numbers. Stop this from happening.

No Dangerous Ladders

It is okay for professional roofing contractors to climb those high ladders, but not the typical homeowner. Stay safe on the ground.

Quick and Easy Installation

Spend your weekends doing the things you enjoy most instead of cleaning gutters. The professionals at Best Contracting can quickly come and install a worry free gutter guard system outside your home.

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