Fall Roof Maintenance Checklist- PA, DE, MD, and NJ

Football games. Hayrides. Family time. Fall can mean a lot of things to you and your family. Worrying about your roof and gutters shouldn’t be part of that picture. Protect your home and possessions by using our fall roof maintenance checklist.

Clean your gutters.

From falling leaves to broken branches, autumn isn’t exactly kind to your home’s exterior, especially the gutters. Debris can fall into open gutters, allowing water to back up and creating the potential for leaks.

In some situations, water from overflowing gutters can pool around the base of the home and damage the foundation. For example, the heavily saturated soil puts pressure against foundation walls, which can cause them to crack. Pooling water from blocked gutters can also cause the foundation to settle, and that may trigger a chain reaction throughout the home, cracking walls and creating uneven floors.

Always take proper safety precautions when cleaning your gutters:

  • Use a sturdy ladder.
  • Wear shoes with good tread.
  • Wear hand and eye protection.
  • Be very careful when working around power lines and other wires.

Invest in gutter filters.

No one wants to spend a fine fall Saturday afternoon scooping muck, gunk, and leaves from the gutters. It’s a time-consuming task—and it can be dangerous if you’re not careful. GutterFilter® seals out debris while allowing water to flow through gutters. The result is maintenance-free gutters that won’t cause leaks, back-ups, and other headaches.

Inspect the attic.

Leaks often appear in the attic first, so it’s a smart idea to inspect it every fall. Look for signs of water damage, including stains or streaks. The attic is also one of the first places homeowners find critter damage, so look for signs of animal droppings or shredded materials.

Trim overhead branches.

Reduce roof and gutter debris by cutting back or removing branches that overhang your home. Trimming branches has another benefit: it can help prevent squirrels and raccoons from accessing your roof, where they can cause all kinds of havoc, like chewing through wires or tearing soffits.

Schedule a pre-winter roof inspection.

Your roof takes a beating year-round, so make sure it can handle the upcoming winter by scheduling a roofing inspection. A professional contractor will assess the roof and, if necessary, recommend areas you may want to address: taking care of minor repairs now can save you big-time money down the road! Learn more in Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof?

Schedule a free roof or gutter inspection for your PA, MD, NJ, or DE home. Our experienced team members will answer your questions and help you find the best options to prepare your home’s exterior for the coming winter.

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