The Top Exterior Improvements to Increase Resale Value with Curb Appeal

Kitchens. Bathrooms. Basements. When it’s time to get a home ready for sale, much of the focus goes into the house’s interior. And while those improvements, if done right, can help increase property value, buyers may not even come inside to see them if the exterior looks shabby.

Here are the exterior home improvements that will help increase resale value with curb appeal:

New Siding

Siding can help increase resale value with curb appeal, of course, but it also acts as the first barrier in protecting the home’s interior. That makes it a smart option when you want to spruce up the exterior.

If the siding is cracked, split, or faded, it might be time for a replacement. The National Association of Realtors reports that exterior projects, like siding replacement, are among the best options to improve the value of a home. On average, homeowners recouped 80% of vinyl siding replacement costs.

When you replace siding, consider refreshing your home’s look. Options include investing in wood-look textures, half-round shingles, and fresh, updated color combinations.


Gutters often fall under the radar when it’s time for home improvements that help sell a home. Yet gutters are critical for protecting the home from water damage. Leaky gutters or downspouts that don’t drain properly allow water to pool around the foundation, where it can create serious, expensive problems like cracking and bowing.

In addition, if you live on a property with many trees, leaky or unprotected gutters give potential buyers one more reason to pass on your home. Why? They’re going to envision all those Saturday afternoons they’ll be stuck cleaning gutters or they’re going to imagine the money they’ll have to spend on new gutters.

Help increase the chance your property sells by adding a quality gutter system. A product like Gutter RX keeps debris and critters out of the gutters so water flows freely away from the home.

Roof Replacement

Few things will scare a potential buyer away faster than a roof in poor repair. And if a bad roof doesn’t scare off the buyer, it’s still likely to catch the critical eye of the appraiser or home inspector.

Roofing replacement can be a smart curb appeal investment. One report suggests a new roof can boost a home’s resale value by an average of almost $12,000.

You can replace the roof with standard asphalt shingles, or use replacement as an opportunity to upgrade the property’s look with architectural-grade or designer shingles.

When it’s time to increase resale value with new siding, gutters, or roofing, schedule a free, no-hassle inspection. Best Contracting’s team members will deliver the expert guidance and quality workmanship that adds curb appeal and value potential to your property. We serve homeowners in Lancaster, West Chester, Chadd’s Ford, and other areas of PA, MD, NJ, and DE.

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