Do’s and Dont’s: Finding a Home Improvement Contractor For Exterior Jobs

What’s on your mind? New roofing? Siding repair? Window replacement? Summer weather brings more than warm breezes; it often brings home improvement projects too. Learn how to find the right home improvement contractor so your project gets done right.

Don’t automatically go for the lowest bid.

A low-bid roofing, siding, or window contractor can seem attractive when it looks like you’ll be saving hundreds or thousands of dollars. But you need to ask yourself if that contractor can offer you the same value as others who may bid a higher cost.

For example, low-bidding contractors may not have the equipment, tools, or experienced crew members to complete the work properly, leaving you to deal with the hassle and expense of shoddy work–a problem that you could end up dealing with for years.

Online Reviews

Do check online reviews.

From Facebook to Angie’s List to Yelp, online reviews can give you a good indication of how a home improvement contractor treats its customers. Read numerous reviews to find out whether the company delivers quality work, treats its homeowners with respect, and takes care of any issues promptly and courteously.

Don’t ignore your instincts.

Whether it’s hard, pushy sales tactics or pricing you need a math professor to figure out, if a contractor doesn’t feel “right” for some reason, it’s best to move on. When you work with a roofer or other contractor, the relationship should be built on mutual trust, which is especially important when you consider the amount of money you’ll be investing in the project.

Do ask about project financing.

A high-quality contractor will usually offer financing to help you pay for your home improvement investment. Even if you don’t take advantage of their financing program, the simple fact that they offer one is a good indication that you’ve found a quality roofing, siding, or window company that expects to stay in business.

Don’t do the deal on a handshake.

Always get a contract in writing. Always. Make sure it outlines exactly what work the contractor will perform and what materials will be used, as well as the expected completion timeframe. The contract should also outline payment terms and how unforeseen project overages will be addressed.

Don’t just sign your name on the dotted line either. Read the contract carefully and ask questions if you don’t understand something.

Find the right contractor to take care of your home right. When you need an exterior home improvement contractor with the tools and know-how to handle roofing, siding, and window projects, contact the Best Contracting, LLC team.

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