5 Exterior Fixes to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient this Summer

Summer is finally settling over the Mid-Atlantic area, which means air conditioners will soon be running 24/7 in many homes. With a few exterior upgrades, you can make your home more energy efficient–and comfier–this summer.

Replace windows with energy-efficient options.

As much as one-third of your home’s energy loss can happen through its windows. When windows are old or visibly damaged with cracks, breaks, or warps, they could be allowing warm air to seep into your home. You can dramatically increase a home’s energy efficiency–and reduce your energy bill–by repairing or replacing bad windows.

You may be able to easily repair simple problems, like torn or worn weather stripping. However, more significant or widespread challenges are best addressed by a professional window replacement contractor. An experienced company has the know-how and tools to efficiently and expertly replace your windows, often in less time than you might think. Learn more in 7 Signs You Need to Replace Your Windows.

Plant shrubs and trees strategically.

Landscaping is a surprising way to keep your home cooler–and it’s a strategy many homeowners fail to take advantage of. For example, a well-placed tree, shrub, or vine can provide valuable shade that reduces the load on your air conditioner by keeping your home cooler, even when the sun is blazing.

Landscape with native plants.

Lower energy use by planting flowers, shrubs, trees, and grasses that survive well in your area without lots of additional watering. When you use less water, you lower utility bills. As a bonus, your lawn is likely to look better in the dead of summer when your neighbors’ lawns are brown, crunchy wastelands.

Consider new siding.

Siding does more than adding curb appeal to your exterior. Insulation doesn’t fully protect a house from energy loss. For example, you could be losing energy through the studs that border your home’s insulation. Insulated (thermal) siding can cover those trouble spots to make your house cooler in the summer (and warmer come winter time). This type of siding is often made of vinyl, however, fiber cement and aluminum options are available as well.

Install motion sensor lighting.

Exterior lighting helps safeguard your home, but lights left on all night can use more energy than you might like. Swap out conventional fixtures for motion-activated lighting. The switch will help you maintain safety and security on your property while saving you money on your energy bill. However, lots of critter traffic in rural areas can constantly activate the lights, so you may be better off staying with conventional lighting in those situations.

Making your home more energy efficient is just a click away.

Best Contracting can help you make your home more energy efficient with window or siding replacement. Call our experienced team for a free quote for your home in Lancaster, West Chester, and other areas of PA, MD, NJ, and DE.

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