Do Gutter Guards Protect Against Strong Weather?

Do Gutter Guards Protect Against
The Weather Of Malvern, PA?

Local Weather Conditions And How
Gutter Guards Work With Them

Gutter guards in Malvern, PA are protection systems that help keep your gutters safe all year. There isn’t an element in Pennsylvania that gutter guards don’t help protect against. Whether treacherous winds or heavy rain, your gutters are better off with a shield.

Gutters have an important job: keeping water away from your foundation and yard. However, harsh weather can be a gutter system’s worst nightmare if that system doesn’t have a gutter guard.

Best Contracting installs gutter systems and gutter guards to help protect the homes of Chester County. We believe in the power of gutter guards and how they can benefit you all year, no matter the weather.

Gutter Protection Keeps Your Gutters
From Pulling Away In Strong Wind

High winds can wreak havoc on unprotected gutters, especially if they aren’t seamless gutters. However, a gutter guard is always excellent protection against wind. Debris is one of the most common problems with gutter systems, a problem heightened by strong winds.

However, a gutter guard’s main job is to keep debris out of your gutters. A strong guard can completely eliminate gutter clogs and ensure low maintenance, so you rarely need to clean the gutters, if ever.

Gutter Guards Offer Protection When Snow And Ice Strikes

Snow and ice in the Chester County winter is anything but a gutter system’s friend. The build-up of ice dams and snow can pull down on gutters and cause them to sag. They may even pull your fascia away, as that’s where most gutters are attached.

A gutter guard helps prevent snow and ice from forming inside the gutters and is generally a much better option in winter than not having one at all. When you have a gutter guard, the ice can’t get inside your gutters, so they are safer from the winter elements.

Heavy Rain In Malvern, PA Is No Match For A Gutter Guard

Heavy rain is the enemy where gutters are concerned. While gutters are meant to direct rainwater away from your foundation and to a specific area, too much rain can overwhelm the system, particularly if there is debris in your gutters, which is precisely what gutter guards protect against.

Gutter guards are excellent protection systems against heavy rain without letting debris into your gutters. They are designed to allow large amounts of water to pass through the guard’s holes so the water still gets to the gutter as it should.

Your Gutters Are Better Off Against Hail With Gutter Guards

Hail is dangerous to many elements of your home’s exterior, which is why storm damage repair is such a valuable service. Not only does hail threaten to dent your gutters, but if the hailstones are large enough, they can knock gutters out of place.

Gutter guards are not immune to dents from hail, but they can help protect your gutters by offering a more even surface. Without them, hail may chip away at the edges of your gutters, but a good gutter guard, like Gutter Guard RX, adds strength to your system.

Gutter Guard RX is attached to the front and back of the gutters, making the entire system much stronger overall. The guard is invisible from the ground, so you don’t have to worry about it sticking out in a distracting way.

Even Mild Weather Is An Issue Without Gutter Guards

The birds are chirping, and squirrels are climbing your trees in the backyard. It sounds pleasant until the critters decide to call your gutters home. When the weather is nice, your gutters become susceptible to small creatures wishing to build nests or store nuts.

That’s when gutter guards come in handy. They act as a shield that small animals can’t get through. They even protect against insects that may be attracted to the water flowing through your gutters.

Best Contracting offers gutter guards to Malvern, PA residents. We help ensure your gutters have the greatest chance against the elements of Chester County. For more info on our gutter protection systems, call us today at (717) 283-4524 for a free quote.

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