Decoding Your Roof Aging Process

How To Tell If You Need Roofing Service And
Repairs For Your Garnet Valley Home

Understand The Various Signs Of An Aging
Roofs That Indicate The Need For Repairs

If you’re unsure if you need roofing service and repairs in Garnet Valley, the team at Best Contracting is here to help. We’ve been in the residential roofing business for many years and offer all of the services you need to maintain your roof.

Your roof may be getting up there in years. And you may be wondering if it needs to be looked at by a professional team. Sometimes, it can be difficult to see signs of damage with an untrained eye. That’s where Best Contracting comes in.

We have worked with many homeowners and with many roofing materials. We can help you find the proper roofing service and repairs for your Garnet Valley home.

Your Garnet Valley Home Shows Signs
Of Water Damage Or Leaks

One potential sign that you need roofing service and repairs for your home is water damage. Water damage can show itself in a few different ways. Some water damage, like leaks during a rainstorm, can be apparent. Others are not so easy to spot.

You might notice that your roofing shingles are buckling or curling. Or that your ceiling is sagging or has water stains on it. These are clear signs that your roof is failing and needs to be repaired.

Luckily, the team at Best Contracting has many years of experience in roofing service and repairs. We can help identify any potential problems. And with our storm damage repair services, we will quickly repair or replace your roof after a storm.

Your Garnet Valley Roof Is
Over 20 Years Old

Another reason you might need roofing service and repairs is that your roof has become too old. Older roof systems often last around 20 years, while newer systems should last around 30+ years.

Your Garnet Valley roof might need serious attention. Best Contracting can complete a roof inspection to determine if your roof needs repairs or may need to be replaced.

We only suggest a roof replacement if that’s what your roof really needs. If repairs can improve your roof’s lifespan and ensure it’s in the best condition, that’s what we’ll do.

The Shingles On Your Roof Are
Noticeably Worn Down

You might be cleaning your gutters one day and notice the condition of your shingles. They don’t look like they used to. And they’ve lost a significant amount of the granules that they once had. This is a clear sign that you need roofing service or repairs.

Asphalt shingle roofing will gradually wear down over time. And while they will typically last you for multiple decades, it’s important to have them serviced often. This will ensure that any damage is addressed before it becomes a major issue.

Another common problem homeowners face as their roofs age is curling, damaged, or even missing shingles. This can happen after a particularly bad storm. And it’s important to address it quickly.

Trust Best Contracting To Provide Dedicated Roofing
Service And Repairs In Garnet Valley

There are many problems that can affect your roof in Garnet Valley. Water damage, storm damage, and normal wear and tear can all cause serious issues to your home. Luckily, Best Contracting is here to help.

We have been in the roofing service and repair business for nearly 15 years. And we’ve seen it all. We’ve helped thousands of homeowners in Delaware County with all kinds of roofing problems.

When you choose to work with Best Contracting, you are choosing a team that is dedicated to quality, provides honest quotes, and works hard until the job meets and exceeds your standards.

If you need reliable roofing service and repairs in Garnet Valley, you have found the right team.

Please call Best Contracting today at (717) 283-4524 or reach out to us online for a free quote.

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