Commercial Asphalt Roofing Leaks In Glen Mills

4 Reasons For Leaks In Your Glen Mills
Commercial Asphalt Roofing

Commercial Asphalt Roofing
Can Succumb To Leaks

When your Glen Mills commercial asphalt roofing starts leaking, you may be left wondering, why. After all, asphalt roofing is considered one of the strongest roofing materials to use.

Your Delaware County commercial asphalt roofing can succumb to leaks despite its strength. Knowing why these leaks can happen can help you minimize the chances of leaks occurring, especially those that may be due to damage.

And what do you do when leaks become an issue? Read on for the answer!

Commercial Asphalt Roofing Damage Due To Installation

A lot of the leaks that commercial roofing sees are due to installation issues. When you opt to go with a roofer who may not be as qualified as they suggested, the chances of installation problems increase.

That is why working with a roofer with experience is imperative!

When installation fails, leaks are one of the more common issues. Why do these leaks happen? There can be several reasons.

For example, the roofer did not install the correct type of starter shingles; thus, water leaks under the roof and runs down the interior walls. It could be that the shingles were not appropriately adhered to the underlayment, so rain leaks under the shingles into the building when it rains and is windy.

In cases of poor installation, it often results in you having to have the roof replaced, as the poor installation could be evident in more than one area of your roof.

Your Glen Mills Roof Has Issues With
Skylights, Vents, Or Chimneys

Commercial asphalt roofs are susceptible to issues happening with skylights, vents, and chimneys, just like any residential roof. In these cases, seals around skylights may allow water to penetrate the roof, leaking inside your building.

You may find that the flashing around a chimney is loose, allowing water to run behind the flashing into the building. Vents not correctly installed or angled right could lead to water leaking inside the structure.

The critical element in these problems is that they are not actual issues with the roof. These are issues with the components of your roof. If they are allowed to continue, it could lead to your roof needing a major repair or total replacement.

Your Commercial Asphalt Roofing Has Improper Drainage

With commercial buildings, drainage is important. For buildings with slanted roofs, their gutter system is not working as it should, leading to water leaking back under the roof.

Whether it is improper drainage due to your gutter system or flashing issues, leaks will happen. It is not a case of if a leak will happen – it boils down to when the leak will occur. After all, the water is sitting there, slowly breaking down the roof to leak inside the building.

The good news is that improper drainage is a fix that a professional roofer can handle. It could mean your asphalt roof will need a new gutter system that directs more weather away from the roof and building to avoid future leaks.

Repairs Gone Wrong With Your Delaware County Building

Have you had your commercial roof repaired recently? If you see the same leak or even more leaks, it could mean that your repair has gone badly.

There are several times in which business owners have a roofer complete a repair that is basically a bandaid on an issue that needs something more like open heart surgery to work properly.

Doing a small repair on a major issue is not likely to fix it, but it can cause more problems to arise. We have even seen small repairs lead to other areas of the roof becoming damaged and leaking in the future.

What To Do When You See Your Commercial
Asphalt Roofing Leaking

What should you do when you see a leak in your commercial roof? First things first, get something to catch the water so that there are no issues for those in the building. You don’t want to deal with slips and falls on top of leaks in your roof!

Next, you will want to call a professional roofer that you trust to come and examine the situation. Get the roof inspected to find out what may be causing the leak, and see what solution the roofer recommends.

Keep in mind that a repair or replacement may be recommended. You will want to debate which option is best for you. If you know your commercial roof will not last much longer without replacement, it may be time to replace it. However, if the roof is relatively new, then a repair is often a sufficient option.

We do not recommend that you try to fix your roof on your own. DIY roof repair often results in injuries and more damage to roofs since roofing construction is something that requires experience and education to complete.

Free Quotes For Glen Mills Commercial Asphalt Roofing

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