Benefits Of Commercial Asphalt Shingles

Benefits Of Commercial Asphalt Roofing
On Your Lincoln University Business

Get The Best Roofing For Your
Chester County Business

Looking for the best commercial asphalt roofing in Lincoln University? The answer may be in asphalt shingles for commercial buildings. You already love asphalt shingles for homes, but businesses can also thrive with asphalt shingles in favor of traditional roofing. They’re affordable, reliable, and easy to maintain after installation.

Best Contracting is a trusted Pennsylvania brand that offers the best commercial asphalt shingles in Chester County. But why choose shingles instead of a different type of roofing to replace your old roof?

Commercial Asphalt Roofing Is Affordable

Asphalt shingles are one of the most affordable types of roofing. Because of the efficient use of materials during production, lightweight shingles are an affordable commercial roofing type that doesn’t sacrifice aesthetics. You may be surprised at the lack of downfalls to asphalt shingles despite the lower price for commercial roofing.

Commercial Asphalt Roof Shingles Are Versatile

Commercial asphalt shingles work with almost any type of roof geometry. Other commercial asphalt roofing is less versatile and unable to fit into the nooks and crannies of some business roofs.

While house roofs are predictable, businesses may have odd and downright strange geometry. That’s why asphalt shingles may be the answer to your next commercial roofing project. You can keep the integrity and character of your building while still giving it the upgrade it needs.

Commercial Asphalt Shingles Are Reliable

There’s a reason asphalt shingles are so popular – they’ve withstood the test of time. Commercial asphalt roofing shingles may last 30 years or more that’s longer than most businesses. They’ve been around for over a hundred years and are still one of the most popular roofing types. The same can’t be said for many others.

There Are More Options For Commercial Asphalt Roofing

Asphalt shingles have many options – you don’t have to use classic black. You can choose something warm or something bright. A classic black is still a great option that works with any type of siding you have for your business but know that your options are not limited to what you see around you. You can make your company building as customized as your home.

Ease Of Installation In Lincoln University

Asphalt shingles are easy to install, which lowers labor costs and the number of problems during installation. As long as you have a trusted team of professionals to install your new commercial asphalt roofing, you can expect a quick project done flawlessly.

Asphalt shingles should always be installed by professionals like those at Best Contracting. We aim to under-promise and over-deliver, whether it’s for your home or your commercial roofing needs.

Commercial Asphalt Roofing Is Low-Maintenance

Taking care of asphalt shingles is easy. It’s good practice to get a yearly inspection for your business roof, but other than that, there’s not much you need to do for commercial asphalt shingles.

It’s important to note that the low-maintenance aspect of commercial shingle roofing comes from trusted brands. GAF and CertainTeed are reliable shingle brands that offer quality shingles that require little maintenance.

Commercial Asphalt Shingles Are Easy To Repair

When you need repairs for your asphalt shingles, they’re usually quick and easy because replacing a small amount is usually viable. However, when disaster strikes, you can count on asphalt shingles to make things as easy as possible.

Whether you need a few patches or half your roof replaced, shingles are one of the easiest commercial roofing materials to work with. You don’t usually have to start from scratch. Contractors like those at Best Contracting know exactly what needs to be repaired to save you the most money and give you the best protection.

Protection For Lincoln University Businesses

Asphalt shingles offer great protection from the elements. CertainTeed and GAF offer exceptional commercial asphalt roofing shingles backed by amazing warranties.

Asphalt shingles may be lightweight, but they don’t compromise on protecting your business. They offer warranties that cover fire, wind, tears, and much more because they know their shingles can withstand almost anything Pennsylvania throws at them.

Whichever commercial asphalt roofing you choose, it’s important to hire a trusted team with a good reputation in Lincoln University. Do you need roof repairs or a commercial asphalt roofing replacement? Call Best Contracting at (717) 283-4524 for a free quote.

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