Avoid Subpar Workmanship By Choosing Best Contracting For Your Glenmoore, PA Asphalt Roofing Needs

How To Spot Dishonest Contractors And Avoid
Roofing Disasters

Top Tips For Choosing The Right Roofing Expert For
Your Glenmoore, PA, Project

Need a new asphalt shingle roof on your Glenmoore, PA, home? The last thing you want to do when you need a major project done around your home is to trust the wrong contractor with the job. You have probably heard horror stories of roofing projects gone wrong or contractors failing to complete a job properly. 

Trusting someone with something as important as your roof can be difficult. You can’t count on just anyone to perform such a crucial task. That’s why ensuring you only work with a reputable and honest contractor is best.

Unfortunately, not every asphalt roofing company is as honest as Best Contracting. Some intentionally deceive so they can take your money, and others hide their subpar work with fancy ads and unrealistic claims. 

Don’t get scammed by a dishonest company. Watch out for some of these signs that a contractor may be making false claims, and turn to Best Contracting when you need help with your asphalt roofing project.

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False Damage Claims

Never hire an asphalt roofing contractor to repair without an inspection. If the contractor provides an inspection and an estimate of repairs and costs, be sure to read it carefully. Dishonest contractors love to make unnecessary damage claims. 

This makes it possible for them to drive up the cost of material and labor by either making unnecessary repairs or lying about making them. If something seems suspicious, be sure to ask questions and ask them to explain the damage claims.

Demanding Upfront Payment

Don’t pay the full price of repairs and replacement upfront. A good roofing company like Best Contracting will never make this request. 

A dishonest company could take the money and not even show up to start the project. They could also fail to finish it or do subpar work and refuse to correct it. 

If they already have the full payment, they have no reason to return or to listen to your complaints. You can expect to pay a deposit, but the balance shouldn’t be paid until the project is completed and the roof has been thoroughly inspected to ensure all the damage has been repaired. 

Unspecified Price Increases Mid-Project

Be wary of contractors who give you an estimate but then come back in the middle of the project to ask for more money. 

While there is a chance that an issue may arise mid-project, it’s not the norm. If the contractor inspected properly and paid close attention to the roof’s condition before providing an estimate, the final cost should not be much more than the estimate. 

Dishonest contractors often do this to get more money from a homeowner and may even refuse, or claim to be unable, to finish the project unless you pay the new costs.

Refusal To Provide Reviews

Requesting references or asking to read reviews or testimonials from previous customers allows you to see what type of work you can expect from a roofing company. 

If a contractor refuses to provide this information or cannot show you a portfolio with samples of their work, they might have something to hide. An honest contractor should be proud of the work they do and the reputation they have built with their customers. 

Know One Knows Them In The Area

A good contractor will be well-known locally. Other people will have used their services and be happy to brag about them. If you ask around, the name should be easily recognized or you should have heard of them simply by word of mouth. 

Be wary of contractors that seem to pop up out of nowhere or don’t have a strong reputation or good standing in your area.

Best Contracting Has Everything You Should Look For
In An Honest Roofing Contractor

You should never have to worry if you are being taken advantage of or scammed by a Glenmoore, PA, roofing contractor. When you trust Best Contracting with your exterior home improvement, you can rest assured that you are dealing with an honest and truthful company. 

We take pride in the work we do and in our relationship with customers. Our website features a full section of reviews from our many satisfied customers. 

Our premium products and expert workmanship is what make us stand out as a top roofing company in Chester County. We offer accurate and detailed estimates that clearly explain any damage we find and the repairs we recommend. 

We believe in doing things right the first time and in providing customers with a simple and stress-free experience. Our contractors are friendly and highly skilled. We can install or repair your roof at an affordable price, and we guarantee it will last.

Contact us online for a free estimate, or call us at (717) 283–4524 to learn more about our services. 

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