Add Roof Maintenance to Your Spring-Cleaning List

What a winter it was this year!  If you’re local to the Lancaster, PA area, you know that we got our fair share of snow over the past few months.  Now that the snow is gone (hopefully), it’s time to shift gears and prepare your home for spring.  When it comes to protecting your roof, winter weather can be its worst enemy.  As the winter snow melts and the spring flowers start blooming, it’s a good idea to conduct a simple roof check-up.  Whether you decide to hire a trusted roofing contractor for a formal roof inspection or are more of the DIY type of homeowner, don’t forget to add roof maintenance to your spring-cleaning checklist. 

While walking your property, checking your attic space and inspecting your roof and gutters, be on the lookout for these potential red flags:


Tree Limbs

Make sure no tree limbs are touching your roof.  If they are, they can easily scrape the shingles, loosening the protective granules and severely reducing the life of your roof.  Be sure to trim any trees that are too close to your home to avoid any limbs harming your roof.


While surveying your home from the ground, be on the lookout for moss growing on your home’s roof.  Cutting back trees branches and removing leaves and debris will certainly reduce moss growth by allowing sunlight to dry up the moisture that moss feeds on.  One solution is to nail zinc or copper strips to the ridgeline of your roof.  They will help to create an environment where moss cannot grow when rain washes across it.

Something Looks Askew

Once the snow melts away and you walk your property, have you come across any missing shingles?  When you look up at your home’s roof, do you notice any chimney or flashing damage?  A thorough inspection by a trusted roofing contractor can uncover issues with missing shingles, chimney damage, or flashing around chimneys, vents, or other bends in the roof.



Before Aprils’ showers begin, it’s a good idea to go into your attic space to check the underside of your roof for any leaks.  Carefully inspect any visible areas near the rafters and sheathing.  If any of the walls are damp, peeling or crumbling, it may be time for new roof shingles. 


Leaves & Debris

If you have just a few leaves, pine needles or other tree debris on your roof, you’re probably fine.  However, if they collect and are deep enough to withstand moisture, they need to be removed from your roof.  Anything that traps moisture can cause mildew to grow, block your gutters and/or add extra weight to your roof.  Gently use a rake or air blower to clear your roof, paying special attention to not damage the shingles.

Gutter Damage

Leaves and debris can cause clogged gutters.  Heavy winter snow can also result in gutter damage. Before spring has officially sprung, pay special attention to your gutters. Make sure water can flow easily through your home’s gutters and correct any loose nails that are preventing the gutters from snuggly hugging your roof line.  If you find out that you have leaky gutters and are in need of reliable and seamless gutters, look no more.  Best Contracting offers high-quality gutter repair or replacement


Discolored streaks on a roof can indicate that there is mold, algae or fungus present, which can eat away at the roofing material and cause leaks. GAF (America’s #1 selling architectural shingle) has algae-resistant shingles that have a specially formulated granule to inhibits algae and mold growth.  Be sure to never power wash shingles – it can dislodge granules and cause faulty shingles.

No Matter the Season, Best Contracting is There for Any Reason

By dealing with and addressing any of these potential roof issues in a timely manner, you will allow your roof to stand strong for many years to come.  While checking off to-do items on your spring-cleaning list, don’t skip over roof maintenance.  Need help? We’re here for any reason in every season! 

The Best Contracting team are the residential roofing experts in the Lancaster, PA region.  We not only specialize in a variety of types of commercial and residential roofing, siding and gutters, but we even offer a 10-year workmanship warranty (in addition to the manufacturer warranty) to stand behind our work. 

If you find that your roof is in need of repair or replacement this spring, contact us today at (717) 283-4524. 

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