8 Signs That Your Recent Roof Replacement Wasn’t Done Right In Lincoln University

Is Your Chester County Roof Replacement
Failing? Don’t Ignore These Signs!

Have you recently had your roof replaced in Lincoln University? Are you starting to notice issues with your new residential roofing job? There’s a possibility that the replacement wasn’t done correctly, which can cause significant problems down the line.

Replacing a roof is a significant investment, and it should last many years without any major issues. However, not all roof replacements are created equal. Unfortunately, there are instances when the work done is subpar. When this happens, you will likely see signs. 

Spotting signs that your recent roof replacement wasn’t done right is crucial to address the problem before it gets worse. From leaks to unsightly damage, these indicators can help you hold the roofing contractor accountable and seek necessary repairs or compensation. 

Let’s look at the top 8 red flags that should alert you to a poorly executed roof replacement in Lincoln University.


1. Missing Shingles Or Leaks On Your Chester
County Asphalt Roof Replacement

One of the most evident signs that your recent roof replacement wasn’t done right is missing shingles or leaks. Many factors, including poor installation or improper repair, can cause gaps in your shingles. If you find that several shingles are missing, this is a red flag that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

In addition, if you start to notice leaks coming from your roof, this is a sign that the replacement wasn’t done correctly. Leaks can cause significant damage, so contacting a professional roofer to make necessary repairs is vital.

2. Uneven Or Poorly Installed Asphalt
Shingle Roof In Chester County

Another sign that your recent asphalt roof install wasn’t done correctly is the presence of unevenly installed shingles. If the shingles on your roof don’t appear to be aligned properly, this is an indication that they were not installed correctly.

Additionally, shingles that don’t lay smoothly can be a sign of trouble. If the nails are not flush with the surface, or your shingles are not flat, these could point to an incorrect asphalt roof installation process. You will need to call a reputable roofing company for an asphalt shingle roof repair.

3. Unsealed Flashing And Vents Cause Issues
For New Roofing In Lincoln University

The presence of unsealed flashing and vents is another clue that something could be amiss with your recent roof replacement. Flashing, usually made of non-corrosive metals, prevents water from entering the home, while vents allow air to circulate into the attic space.

If these are not installed properly, they can cause severe damage over time. Unsealed flashing is the number one cause of roof leaks, while inadequately sealed vents can lead to reduced energy efficiency in the home. Experienced roofing contractors can help identify and fix these issues.

4. Visible Signs Of Damage To Roof Decking
And Underlying Structures Mean Trouble

Visible signs of damage on the roof decking and structures underneath can also mean that your recent asphalt roof replacement wasn’t done the right way. If you notice any sagging, warping, or other visible signs of damage to the roof line, it may signify that the installation was not done correctly. 

This kind of damage can lead to major repair costs down the line, so it should be addressed as soon as possible. Otherwise, your home may suffer irreversible damage. Calling a roof repair company is the best way to solve such problems quickly and safely.

5. Poor Ventilation In Attic Spaces

Inadequate ventilation can be a tell-tale sign of a poorly done roof replacement. A poorly ventilated home will significantly decrease the lifespan of a new asphalt roof system and cause premature breakdown of the asphalt shingle, as well as issues with mold growth or wet and rotting decking.

6. Ice Dams Developing After Your
Residential Roof Replacement

Ice dams are a common issue that can occur in any Northern climate. They occur when snow or ice accumulates on the roof and begins to melt due. The melting water then runs down the roof’s eaves and refreezes at the edge, trapping more snow and creating a dam. 

This can cause damage to your shingles and underlying structures, such as mold growth and water leaks. To avoid issues from ice dams, we can install an Ice & Water Shield Guard on the eaves and valleys. This will prevent leaks from an ice dam during storms.

7. High Energy Bill After Residential Roof Replacement

Higher energy bills after replacing the roof can be a sign that your recent roof replacement wasn’t done correctly. Poor insulation and ventilation can lead to increased temperatures in the attic, resulting in higher cooling bills for your home.

8. Discoloration Of Walls And Ceilings
Inside Your Lincoln University Home

Discoloration of walls and ceilings inside the home is one of the tell-tale signs of a roof replacement gone wrong. Discolored areas on your interior walls or ceilings could mean that water is leaking into your home, which can occur due to improper installation. If you notice any discoloration, you should call a professional roofing contractor as soon as possible.

Trust Best Contracting To Fix These Residential
Roofing Issues For You In Chester County

You must call a reputable roofer as soon as possible if you notice any of these signs. Do not attempt to repair the damage yourself, as this could lead to further complications with the roof or even injury to yourself and a more expensive bill later on. It could also void any claim that you have regarding the improper installation or with your insurance company.

Best Contracting is one of the largest and most reputable roofing companies in the Lincoln University area. If you have noticed any of these issues in your home after installing a new roof, call us. We will happily assess any problem and give you a free quote! Call us at 717-283-4524 today.

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