Living Things that Might be Found in Messy Gutters

The purpose of gutters and downspouts is to carry water away from your home, so it doesn’t collect around your foundation.  A gutter system also protects your roof, walls and landscape.  When not properly maintained, gutters can collect large amounts of leaf litter and tree debris.  Unfortunately, clogged gutters are prime real estate for a number of pesky rodents and other pests who prefer to hideout off of the ground to stay safe from predators. 

Common Wildlife Found in Messy Gutters:

How Can I Protect My Gutters from Pesky Critters?

It is important to thoroughly clean out your gutters at least twice a year – typically in the fall and spring.  If your home is lined by trees, you may want to consider cleaning your gutters more frequently to reduce your chances of clogged gutters.  It is a good habit to check your gutters for debris (and potential unwanted guests) after bad storms as well.  It is always recommended to stay on top of your gutter maintenance to prevent pesky critters and costly repairs down the line.  If you find yourself not having the time or energy to clean your home’s gutter system, which will in turn prevent animals from making it their home, it’s time to call in trustworthy professionals to help!  

At Best Contracting, we offer high-quality gutter installation and gutter replacement at affordable prices.  Our certified and experienced team can perform expert, no-cost gutter inspections of your home.  We offer solutions based on your gutters current condition and your desired maintenance plan for throughout the year.  If you long to relax and enjoy your weekends, free of yardwork and chores around the house, we recommend replacing your old gutters with our top of the line and maintenance-free Gutter Guard RX®

Gutter Guard RX is a low-profile and self-cleaning gutter protection system that is hidden from view on the ground.  With many size and style options to choose from, the appearance of your current gutters can be matched; or, we can upgrade your home with a fresh new look.  Made out of solid surface aluminum, Gutter Guard RX is known for its durability and capacity to deter rodents and birds.  This simple upgrade will ensure leak-free gutters that do not require you to manually remove leaves, sticks and other debris from them throughout the year – which in turn means no pesky critters! 

Best Contracting takes pride in delivering excellent workmanship using quality materials to protect your home.  In addition to gutter repair, installation and replacement, we also offer a variety of other residential services, like roofing, siding and stucco remediation

If you are ready to get a hassle-free and reliable gutter protection system installed on your home, contact us at (717) 283-4524.  The best contractors of Lancaster, PA look forward to working with you soon!


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